About Courtney

Hello! My name is Courtney, the creator of Sinfully Delicious. I started this blog with the intention of helping others learn to cook whole, unprocessed foods, as well as to change our relationship with food. I myself have fallen victim of the SAD (standard American diet) and lifestyle. Eating while watching tv, driving, standing, and working. Not paying any attention. Subsiding from Lean Cuisines and pre made meal bars. A sedentary job and nights spent in front of the tv certainly did not help, and all of this led to me being incredibly unhappy with how I looked. Since changing my lifestyle to a more classic European lifestyle, I have already lost about 15 pounds, and am beginning to rid myself of the guilt and the unhealthy relationship that I had with food. You can check out my lifestyle page to get details regarding this. I am hoping to share my journey with you as I reach toward my goal weight and lifestyle. I am 22 years old, work a full time job, have 2 dogs, am married, and I make the time to cook my food. I will admit, a lot of it is made on Sunday’s when I have the extra time. Sometimes I just want something quick and easy after a long day at work, but somedays I want to cook. Cooking is cathartic to me and it will relax and calm me down. I love the feeling of pride and accomplishment that I get from taking raw ingredients and turning them into something delicious and beautiful.


Adam, my husband:


I have 2 kids…ok…dogs. Their names are Cypress and Sammie. They are both rescues and are complete mutts. Sammie is half Australian Shepherd and half German Shepherd, and Cypress is “something”. We have absolutely no idea what she is, and that is just fine with us.




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  1. Awesome! 🙂

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