About Sinfully Simple

In a world filled with fast food, pre-made dinners, and toaster pastry breakfasts, we need to take it back to simple, flavorful foods. Vegetables, fruits, whole meats, breads, rice, beans, olive oil, spices, and seasonings are the best building blocks to a happy, fulfilled life. Yes, food is our sustenance, but it is also a cultural and social medium. It is something that can give us joy and pleasure, or can leave us feeling deprived and guilty. Rethink your relationship to food. Begin to savor, enjoy, and appreciate the fruits of your labor. Eat at the table, turn off the tv, don’t answer the phone, close your eyes, and enjoy what you are eating. Eat a well portioned meal every few hours and eat clean. That is the sinfully simple philosophy.

This blog is called “Sinfully Simple” because it shows ways to make a lot of food or really easy food, so that during the week, you can grab prepared food out of the refrigerator, or do a quick preparation for a good homemade meal.


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